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March Bulletin

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Orientation Meetings

Please see below for all orientation meetings times. All orientation meetings will be held at the competition venue; 

ACR Thursday 13 September 6:00pm
Aus Classic Thursday 13 September 5:00pm
TRP Wednesday 19 September 3:00pm
AeroSchools Wednesday 19 September 11:30am
AER NCC Thursday 20 September 4:00pm
GfA Thursday 20 September 2:00pm
WAG Level 5 Saturday 29 September 5:00pm
RG Saturday 29 September 6:00pm
MAG Sunday 30 September 9:00am
WAG Level 6 Monday 1 October 4:00pm
WAG Level 7-10 Wednesday 3 October 5:00pm


Accreditation Collection

Athlete accreditations will be handed out during your GymSports orientation meeting. Any team who cannot make their orientation meeting will need to collect their athlete accreditations from the accreditation office at the venue. The Accreditation Office will be located at the South Entry.


All other accreditation (coach, judge, chaperone) will need to be collected individually from the accreditation office. Everyone must present their Working with Children Check, or equivalent, pulse additional photo ID to receive their accreditation. Without these 2 items no accreditation will be handed over. Team cannot pick up their coach, judge and chaperone accreditations in bulk.


The Accreditation Office will be open daily.


2018 Technical Regulations

2018 GfA Technical Regulations Part B

2018 MAG Technical Regulations Part B

MAG Masters ALP Update

2018 WAG Technical Regulations Part B

2018 RG Technical Regulations Part B

2018 TRP Technical Regulations Part B

2018 AER Technical Regulations Part B

2018 ACR Technical Regulations Part B


MAG & WAG Team Sheets

Team sheets for MAG & WAG are due by no later than 5:00pm, Friday 14th September. If a club fails to submit their team sheets by this time Gymnastics Australia will allocate a random draw for competition 1 & 2. No changes to team sheets will be accepted after this due date. Clubs will not be able to change teams 24 hours before the competition. In the case of a medical withdrawal, the replacement athlete with take the place of the injured athlete on each apparatus.

MAG Team Sheet

WAG Team Sheet

2018 MAG Athlete Numbers

2018 WAG Athlete Numbers Updated


Competition Work Orders and Start Lists

2018 NCC WAG Competition Work Order_Version 2