2021 National Clubs Carnival Draft Schedule

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Gymnastics for All (Draft)

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (Draft)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (Draft)

Rhythmic Gymnastics (Draft)

Trampoline Gymnastics (Draft)

Aerobic Gymnastics (Draft)

Acrobatic Gymnastics (Draft)

Please Note: The above competition schedules are draft and are subject to change. All competition schedules will be finalised once Gymnastics Australia receives final competition entries.

Last Updated: 28 June 2021


Due to the ongoing impact and ever changing nature of the COVID-19 virus, Gymnastics Australia may not be able to deliver a full National Clubs Carnival program in 2021 as planned. All decisions will be made based on credible evidence and in the best interest of the health of all involved. Final decisions on event delivery and operations will be in line with both Federal and State guidelines and restrictions. All events will be delivered in line with Gymnastics Australia’s COVID Safe Plan.